Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Things I Say

Things I say when we're doing wood:

"Pick up bark.  No, not the smallest pieces you can.  Pick up the biggest pieces and fill that sled up...
pick them up now."

"Wow!  You filled that wheelbarrow up fast.  Good job!"

"Here, Blossom3, you run the wheelbarrow back and get started filling it up again, while I stack these logs."

"Pull that sled faster.  Quit moping."

"Get a drink of water and get back at it!"

"Stop complaining about the rope and PULL."

"Don't take off your gloves.  Keep them on and keep working."

"That's enough breaks.  Get back to picking up bark."

"That IS a super cool bug you found!"  

"Quit worrying about how much longer we have and pay attention to your splitting."

"Don't be picky about what log you're going to split next; just grab one and split it."

"You're right, we WILL be warm and toasty this winter."

"Good teamwork!!!!"

"That is about the biggest, ugliest spider I've ever seen.  I wonder what kind it is?"

"You know how it works; if you ask how much longer, it's another five minutes added on."

"Do you want to be nice and warm and cozy when the snow flies?  
Then, get busy splitting and filling the wheelbarrow."


"Leave the baby birds alone.  Their mama knows where they are and will feed them.  You're right though, I think they are grackles."

"Daddy's gonna be so excited at how much we stacked!"

"Now, let's go down to the creek."

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Joy Need Not Wait

If there was a lesson in my recent weekend trip to Lancaster with my mom and sister, it would be taking the work that needed to be done and sipping the joy from the midst of it. 

I attend a homeschool convention every year for the purpose of research, inspiration and purchases that span a year's worth of curricula and school goals for four Blossoms.  

It's a lot of work packed into one or two days.  I do find it very inspiring, although it is rarely relaxing.  By the time I drop into my own bed again, I'm exhausted.  The Blossoms have come to look forward to this time with their Grammie because HELLO SUMMER and ice cream, and swimming, and cousins, and goodies, and grilled meat, and pizza, and, and, AND... for obvious reasons.

 But, mama still has to work.  My sister, Naomi, was attending for the purpose of scoping out the preschool homeschool world.  And Mom goes as moral support, official sounding board and ice cream buddy.  

We certainly squeezed in lots of food and walking and conversation and deep-breathing the fresh air and trying new foods and sight-seeing and humming and hugs and laughter and silly jokes and all the good, good parts of family.

Until we leave this planet Earth, there will always be work to be done.  
(Mamas, we need to accept this.)  Life's inbox is never empty.

Can we not smile with our children, our family, take their hands, sing whilst we work and squeeze those drops of goodness from everyday life?

Joy doesn't have to wait til after the work is done.  


We visited Rachel's Cafe & Creperie.  I chose the "Cylo," a garlic-infused crepe stuffed with braised pork shoulder, spinach, feta cheese, cheddar cheese and curry aioli!  STELLAR. Of course, I sampled Mom's and Naomi's crepes too.  Mmmmmm.  #crepesrock

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tea & Sights

Roving the streets of Lancaster with my sister and mom was a treat to be remembered!

Drawn into this quaint tea shop, I couldn't resist a purchase of Hazelnut Cookie black tea.  I sniffed many beautiful varieties before I finally settled on one.  

The seven piece band playing happy, jazzy swing music on the streets made us tap our toes to the rhythm and smile.

Though hot, the skies were lovely and the scenery was amazing, especially at the nearby Central Market.  It was a classy market chock full of delightful wares and tantalizing smells.

Oops!  More tea?  Certainly!

This time, I purchased some splendid Irish Breakfast tea.  Next time, I want to try the Scottish Breakfast Tea.

As I stood in line for a delicious soft pretzel, I snapped a pic of this sign.  It's pronounced "come-ess-uh."  It's actually Pennsylvania Dutch for "Come eat."  That's what Grammie says to call us to mealtime!  

Walking to our next destination, I loved the privacy of this "secret garden."  

Meandering the streets of Lancaster proved to be a gem of a weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2018

How Sweet It Is

I'm exuberant.  


Even ostentatious in my reactions.  

And my husband is not.  

We are opposites in the best sense.  We complement each other so exquisitely that I remember often that God knew what He was doing when He brought us together.  

The thing is, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the strengths in the Rugged Mountain Man's personality and character, when I find myself wanting him to act like me.  

I've been mulling over fostering more contentment and more joy in our marriage.  
What can I do?  What is my part?  What do I need to change? 

I feel like the Holy Spirit put His finger here.  When I finish a project and I'm proud of my work, the Rugged Mountain Man's simple, calm, genuine and non-gushing "Good job, Honey" 
is good enough if I choose to remember that it's good enough.  

Underneath that desire for him to act like me or to say what I want to hear, is a dangerous ditch of wanting to change my husband.  This is how God made him and when I stop and think about it, 
I'm thankful he is the way he is.

The contented wife is the richest wife.  
And then, marriage - how sweet it is!

My sister, mom and I experienced rolled ice cream for the first time last weekend at Rolled Cold Creamery.   Mine is the Peanut Butter Brownie masterpiece on the left of the picture.  Mom enjoyed a strawberry chocolate splurge.  My sister's is not pictured... she ate it quickly so she would only have to share a bite or two of her Nutella nirvana.  Just kidding!

#rolledcoldcreamery #howsweetitis

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

When Aslan Comes...

"Wrong will be made right, when Aslan comes in sight."

It's one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes from the Chronicles of Narnia 
and I know of no better way to talk about the justice of God.

I've heard folks talk about how what happens in this world is God's best.  Of course I believe He is a sovereign God masterfully weaving the tapestry tales of our lives.  And yet, there is a snag of injustice in this world.  

When everything that happens every day here on Earth is touted as God's best, folks can feel the injustice of it.  It bothers them.  It bothers me.  

We must look at things through the lens of Eternity.  In our broken, fallen, groaning world, evil people very often get away with their wiles.  Servants of the Lord have bad things happen to them.  

But, I find comfort remembering that we serve a just God. So many wrongs will be made right in the End.  His servants receive their reward and evil people who showed no remorse, no turning, 
receive their just recompense.  

Yes, wrong will be made right.  

Visiting the Rabbit and the Dragonfly, a J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis themed book store and coffee shop was a jewel of a time in a recent weekend with my sister and my mom.  I'm so excited about my vintage World War I newspaper clippings and photographs book that I found there.  We'll be using it with our history curriculum this year.  I can't wait to visit again next year!  Maybe I'll get my own "Deep Magic from Beyond the Sea" espresso chocolate frappuchino, instead of stealing sips of my sister's.