About Me

Meet the cast of characters!
I'm Dominique, the Domestic Engineer,
also known as the glue of our little rustic life. 

I help the Rugged Mountain Man. 

I also guide the Four Beautiful Blossoms
and care for our Happy Little Home in the Hollow. 

This is our Beautiful Bountiful Blossom Bunch! 
They're sweet, witty, silly, exuberant, vibrant, loving, perseverant and passionate blessings.

The infamous King Crow, as corralled by his fearless master, Blossom1, secretly plots to usurp the Rugged Mountain Man's position as head of this here Micro Farm.

The nine happy hens and one noisy cockerel keep us cozily supplied
with fresh eggs and quirky entertainment.

Jake, the Sheriff in these parts, allows no critter easy admittance to our happy acres. 
Loyal, faithful and obedient,
he's everything a family's Golden Retriever should be.

Bree, the Narnian Bunny, is our newest addition
 and perhaps the first step into our life with rabbits. 

I'm thrilled that you've stopped by to "sit a spell."  There's always a sprinkling of humor, a helping of tips and tricks and a generous serving of my thoughts in this bowl of chow. 
Drop by often for a glimpse into our neck of the woods.