Monday, July 30, 2012

Pride & Parenting

We, as parents, are commanded to train up a child in the way he should go.  Training takes time and lots of patience.  And, it is easy to believe that your parenting methods are the only right ones.  This can lead to pride.  And, pride is bad news.  Pride is sin, even if it pride in how holy you are raising your childen.  My husband and I are steadily plodding down this Godly parenting road.  Oh, how humbling it is!  How much I thought I knew at first!  How little I really know now!  I've come to this.  If your child “gets” something the first time you say it, kneel down and humbly thank the Lord.  If he doesn’t, kneel down and humbly ask the Lord for grace to persevere until he does. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What to Teach

"Teach your child to believe the Word of God.

Teach your child to know the Word of God.

Teach your child to love God's Word.

And teach your child to obey God's Word."

Andrew Murray from How to Raise Your Children for Christ

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manners Don't Come Naturally

"Manners turn to morals."

Dr. James Dobson from Bringing Up Girls

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parenting & Discipleship are one and the same?!

"He (Jesus) stayed with them (the disciples)." "To know was to be with."

Robert E. Coleman, from The Master Plan of Evangelism

Perhaps you're thinking, "How does that relate to our children?" Our children are our disciples! Our first ones! The most important ones! Therefore, I strive to apply the same principles that Jesus did... being WITH them.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now or Later?

"Far better that children should cry under healthful correction, than that parents should afterwards cry under the bitter fruit to themselves and children, of neglected discipline."

Charles Bridges

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dominique's Parents Speak

"We're going to break you of that."

"You choose your attitude."

"I spank you because I love you."
Dominique's parents

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spurgeon Speaks

Here's a new one that I stumbled upon today, when I was double-checking the wording on the previous quote:

"You cannot control your children, you say. Then the Lord have mercy on you! It is your business to do it, and you must do it, or else you will soon find they will control you. No one knows what judgment will come from God upon those who allow sin in children to go unrebuked."

C.H. Spurgeon

Monday, July 16, 2012

What's the end?

"The chief end of their lives is the salvation of their souls."

J.C. Ryle

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Favorite Parenting Quotes

For a few days, I'd like to share some of my favorite quotes relating to children.  Reading them now brings fresh determination for me to finish this race strongly.

"When you are challenged defiantly, win decisively."
Dr. James Dobson from Dare to Discipline

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Snacks

Hey there.  Skeeter, Scooter and Skipper are bored.  Bored of Goldfish crackers, that is!  If you have children under 6, I'm sure you may have had the same trouble at some point in time.  Lately, my Crew have asked for some unusual snacks.  I couldn't complain, since I felt they were still good for them.  So, move over "fishies," Rice Chex has taken over.  They also like Kashi Cinnamon Harvest shredded wheat cereal.  (Poor Daddy, I bought it for him and they are eating it all!)  Multigrain Cheerios (and any other cheerio variety) have been a hit as well. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy - Conclusion

#13 - Happy is the woman who is reproached for the name of Christ.  I Peter 4:14
Wacky, you say!  While, as of yet, I haven't seen all-out persecution for Christ's name, there are subtle forms of it that I may encounter.  Since I love God, I love my husband and serve him in tangible ways.  Since I love God, I love my children and raise them in anti-worldly ways.  Inevitably, it makes a line in the sand.  I don't seek to broadcast how different my life is.  The Lord is helping me to mind my own business and lead a quiet life.  Sometimes though, a quiet life is really loud.  Like, really loud.  And, instead of being offended if people criticize or even if I think they don't approve (and are criticizing behind my back), I think I'll just be happy about it.  I'll be happy that God is working in my life and leading me to obey.  And, if that is something to be reproached about, GLORY to God. 

I really can't get away from happiness.  It isn't based in shallow nothing-ness.  It is real and it is found living for Him day-in and day-out.  I'm refreshed and my heart is light, just thinking about it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy VI

#12 - Happy is the woman who endures in trouble.  James 5:11
In trouble, often the only thing to actually do is endure.  There is comfort and happiness in knowing that I can keep going.  At first, my heart has ached.  I feel numb.  But I know my feelings aren't the real deal.  It is all a part of something bigger.  I get up and I just keep going... but I'm not talking about getting up, getting dressed and caring for the family and home with a bitter, careless attitude.  No, I'm talking about enduring with the best attitude possible.  I'm talking about trusting God, when I don't understand.  I'm talking about serving Him practically in all the ways I always have, because I know (not feel) that is right.  Because I know (not feel), that is how I obey.  Because I know (not feel), God's true and faithful always.  And, eventually my feelings catch up.  I see and know firsthand that there is happiness in enduring in trouble.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy V

#10 - Happy is she who fears the Lord.  Proverbs 28:14
"Fear and happiness can't go together, you say."  And yet, I truly believe it can.  In fact, I feel comforted as I read this verse.  Living a holy life often seems like a tightrope walk.  It is precarious and it feels as if the world is pulling you off at every moment.  To make it more complicated, me, my husband and our children are on the tightrope too.  The world wants our children so bad.  And it wants to destroy me and my husband.  At the end of the tightrope is Heaven.  I do like I did on the balance beam years ago.  I keep face toward the end of the beam... the dismount.  I fear the Lord... it keeps me on the tightrope.  And, it's comforting to think that, although it feels like a tightrope walk... happy is she who fears the Lord.  I know that Heaven is the result of living this holy life to please Him. 

#11 - Happy is she who keeps God's law.  Proverbs 29:19
Happiness stems from obedience.  It is that satisfaction I feel as I obey.  There is grace to obey, grace to continue.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy IV

#8 - Happy is she that has mercy on the poor.  Proverbs 14:21
She gives real action to her faith.  Her attitude is merciful and humble. 

#9 - Happy is she that trusts in the Lord.  Proverbs 16:20
She doesn't just abide by His rules, she puts her trust in Him completely.  I must not hold back from Him.  I must not simply pray for His help.  I must lay myself down on the altar and surrender to His will.  It isn't cliche.  It is real.  It is a heart that must be continually given over.  Just when I think I'm totally surrendered, the Lord leads me further in and asks me for more.  Maybe I feel tentative.  Maybe I think a little on it.  I must surrender.  I lay my self down again, in yet another way on His altar.  And, He can be pleased in my life ultimately.