Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy VI

#12 - Happy is the woman who endures in trouble.  James 5:11
In trouble, often the only thing to actually do is endure.  There is comfort and happiness in knowing that I can keep going.  At first, my heart has ached.  I feel numb.  But I know my feelings aren't the real deal.  It is all a part of something bigger.  I get up and I just keep going... but I'm not talking about getting up, getting dressed and caring for the family and home with a bitter, careless attitude.  No, I'm talking about enduring with the best attitude possible.  I'm talking about trusting God, when I don't understand.  I'm talking about serving Him practically in all the ways I always have, because I know (not feel) that is right.  Because I know (not feel), that is how I obey.  Because I know (not feel), God's true and faithful always.  And, eventually my feelings catch up.  I see and know firsthand that there is happiness in enduring in trouble.