Monday, January 9, 2017

Life with young'uns

All Blossoms, excitedly:
"We're having French fries with our chicken!!!" 

Mommy to Blossom4:
"Here are your French fries.  Would you like some ketchup?"

Blossom4, matter of factly and defensively covering hands over plate:
"No, no ketchup.  Pleat (please) no ketchup."

"It's ok, you don't have to have ketchup."

Mommy moves on to serving other girlies and then, giving herself ketchup.  She (finally) begins eating. 

Blossom4, insistently:
"I want some ketchup, Mama." 

Mommy, ceases eating, rounds up ketchup bottle and obliges:
"Ok, here you go."

Blossom4, pointing to a different section of her plate, HOWLS in 3 year old consternation: 
"Why did you put it derrrrrrrrrre?  I wanted it herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre."

Daddy, looks up from his plate in confusion:
"What's wrong?"

"She wanted ketchup and I gave her ketchup."

It should be noted that obviously ketchup placement is paramount to flavor and French fry quality, as Blossom4 then lost her appetite for French fries and gorged on chicken instead.