Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Walk and What to Give

Blossom4 is torqued because Daddy is headed to a college hockey game tonight, without us. 
It's not like he does this all the time. 

She just knows that evenings and weekends are family time and she's a little huffy that somebody else has infringed on her time for jumping on Daddy's belly and having books read to her. 

This time for walks and hanging out in the living room, laughing or reading, this time of the girlies being around when Daddy's around is like the crown to our day. 

I like that she already realizes this at three years old. 

As a result, will she be more confident when she's eighteen?

As an adult woman, will she be better able to read men's characters? 

Will she struggle less with insecurity because of her relationship with the Rugged Mountain Man? 

I don't pretend to predict the future. 

I'm less deceived than ever that children don't follow a parenting recipe for success. 
Anyone who says so is selling something. 

(People selling something in general ought not be trusted.)

But what is required of us, as parents, is our best. 

We have so few years with these treasures of people in the making,
before we are called to account on our parenting responsibilities. 

We can give our best "WITH." 

The best being together often, daily, nightly, regularly, undistractedly.

While there is still breath in us, we can give love as mightily as our human hearts are able. 

Then, we believe that God will fill in the cracks.