Thursday, March 16, 2017

Around Here Lately

No, this is not me venturing through the girlies' rooms at night, although, Blossom4 did execute a creepy glowing flashlight feat recently.  She stashed her flashlight under my bed and crept out of the room.  I turned off the lights and headed out, only to notice an unsettling glow emanating from under my bed. What??????

I retrieved the flashlight, shaking my head all the while at her antics.  Anyway, this is actually a pic of a Crazy 8s Math Club at our local homeschool co-op.  It's hands-on math and it's been really terrific at getting the kids moving and involved in math.  

I'm big on reminding the girlies often that math is for real life.  Like when Blossom1 was using some fancy fraction work when she was baking the other day... or when Blossom2 was estimating to help me know which packing tape was the better deal...  It's hard to slog through the repetition that leads to math mastery if you don't know why you're trying to master it or what you'll use it for.  

I mentioned the other day, we are also enjoying Crazy 8s daily fun math problem.  Today's was about an octopus who filmed the researcher instead of vice versa!  Fun table talk, ya'll!  Even Blossom4 can't wait for her part of the problem!

I'm putting my crafty creative cells to work lately with overseeing the construction of a castle set for a play our co-op kids are putting on.  

It's been a great experience thus far, lots of work, but still great.  I love for things to be just right, if I'm putting my name on them.  However, this is a class.  Ahem.  Meaning the kids are learning something.  

Actually, it means Dominique is learning something.  

How to let it go.  

How to better instruct.  

How to bring out the best in them.

Really, how good am I at "stippling" (a sponging technique) if I haven't learned enough about it in order to effectively instruct students in stippling?!  

I coached.  I encouraged.  I helped.  I pointed.  I demonstrated.  

And I fought hard inside myself to resist the urge to "fix it."  

And I'm so pleased with how everybody is doing thus far.  It's beautiful!!!!

Apparently I really needed this class.  

It reminds me of parenting.  It's not about me doing this for them.  It's me modeling, teaching, coaching, demonstrating, working with them on how to live life for Jesus on their own.  

Ya'll know we got dumped with snow this week.  The Rugged Mountain Man got to be home a little more than usual, which is fine by us.  (insert girlies - and maybe Mommy too - jumping up and down)  We got to enjoy Mancala games, shoveling, fort-building, hot tea, family time and rest.  

I even pampered myself and used the fine china with my new tea strainer.  I love that little contraption!  

Blossom2 and Blossom3 are really getting good at Mancala.  They've caught on to the strategy of the game and have left me in the dust.  I was beaten soundly several times.  Oh well...
#humbling  #momdefeat  #orisitmomvictory #mathisfun

Well, friends, I hope you're using your days well lately.  They seem to slip by.  Every day I feel like I'm fighting the battle to do the meaningful and eternal, instead of the urgent.  I'm gonna keep fightin' the fight.  I hope you will too.

Hugs and blessings!