Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring, Scarves and Secret Sisters

I'm resting up these days after being on the road for more than I was not on the road over the past weekend.  I recounted some bright spots with you the other day and there is one more I wanted to share.

I returned from Wisconsin to find a pretty gift bag waiting for me on the schoolroom table.  It was a gift from my secret sister at church.  She's been blessing me with encouraging words, prayer, Dr. Pepper, which came in handy on our Wisconsin trip, and, this time, SCARVES.

Be still, my beating heart.  

I love scarves, especially these springy ones.

In an effort to share something a little light-hearted with you today, I put the girlies to bed last night and designed some fun spring outfits, starring my new scarves.  The first outfit is, predictably, constructed of basics, staples and thrifted finds, but hey, what's wrong with that?!

Scarf: Gift!  Thank you, secret sister!
Vest: Thrift Store find
Shirt: Old Navy, snagged for five bucks!
Jeans: Hmmmmm, I think I bought them new with a gift card. 
Earrings: The girlies made me something like these.  Mama benefits from their creativity!
Shoes: Gift!  Thank you, dear mother-in-law for keeping me stylin' in these Keds.
Bag: Thrift Store find
Scarf on Bag: Old as the hills
Nail Wraps & Polish: Thanks to my friend, Elizabeth, my nails are actually sporting this 
Jamberry "Jamicure."  So boho, so chic!

The second outfit highlights a color I don't wear often.  In fact, I wear it so rarely that I once threw on some pink shorts for a family bike ride and it resulted in a chuckle!  My husband kept seeing the pink in his peripheral vision and repeatedly thought a stranger needed to pass him on the trail.  He shook his head each time he discovered it was only me!  Pink or not ~ this outfit is a terrific transitional outfit!

Grey Denim Jacket: Garage sale find
Pink tee: Old Navy, only five bucks!
Scarf: Thank you again, secret sister!
Jeans: I think I bought them new with a gift card. 
Earrings: Purchased similar earrings from Kohl's with a gift card.
Purse: Gift
Scarf on Purse: Nabbed from Grandma's estate
Sandals: Thrift Store find!
Jamberry products: Purely hypothetical, but oh, so springy!

Maybe you'll feel inspired to shop your closet and pull together something fresh today.  It only takes a minute or two to keep on being well put together!

Happy spring, friends!