Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rails to Trails in the Autumn

There are so many tasks on a mama's to-do list, even on a beautiful autumn Saturday.

I'm thankful that the Rugged Mountain Man wrangled us out of the house on that glorious autumn day not long ago. 

We love biking our local Rails to Trails. 

Here's the great thing about Rails to Trails.  It's F L A T because they were once railway beds.  FLAT.

Flat is good for all parties involved.  I've done marathon biking with my dad, registering fifty miles on this particular trail.  (I love shadow pictures.  Oh, and here's another one.)

We went for a mere nine miles as a quicker "Let's Enjoy Fall" and still get a few things done on Saturday. 

As you can see, I thought the pump was picturesque. 

I'm almost surprised there isn't a verse in the Bible about fresh air being medicine for the soul,

though there are plenty of verses of God's splendor and glory in His creation and maybe it's just assumed that it ministers to your soul soaking it all in.

The Rugged Mountain Man and I were happy to note that the Blossoms are getting strong enough for longer rides, as they didn't want to be done after this ride.  They were "pesting" for a longer ride!

Blossom3, who is 6, was all over the road, almost running into every member of the family.  This caused a few chuckles. 

I'm glad I didn't let the to-do list keep us in.  I'm happy to tackle the tasks of home life, but sometimes family time in the outdoors is just more important.