Friday, November 4, 2016


We ambled out into the fields last night, pushing supper to later in order to take advantage of the diminishing daylight and the delightful temperature that only autumn can offer. 

It's been a while since we've been field walking.

Field-walking is more of an autumn sport.  It's easier to walk when the corn is down and it shows respect to the farmer and his work, by staying out of his fields and off of his crops. 

We are trying to teach our children to respect all property, whether it belongs to us or not.

The Rugged Mountain Man says there's nothing more maddening than going hunting, only to find another hunter left a pile of litter.  No wonder people post their land.

The mission of this hike, aside from simply enjoying God's Creation and getting fresh air was to find a path to a friend's house that won't involve walking on the road.

This would allow the children to trek to each other's houses in relative safety.

When I told Blossom1 this, she was thrilled.  Unfortunately, we had to turn around because we interrupted some inline hunters.  Oops. 
I liked the above snapshot of Blossom4, as it seemed to show just how small and helpless she is.  She was finding out how good wide open spaces are for the soul.

Blossom1 was trying her hand at some artistic photography of HikeMon and HikeWoman. 
I think she did pretty well!

We're looking forward to more field-walking this fall.