Friday, November 25, 2016

Favorite Bookish Parts of My House

I do chuckle a little about home tours.  The homes are so perfect, it doesn't seem possible that a family could actually live there!  Blossom4's overflowing book basket is proof that we really do abide in our abode.

While I find other people's homes inspiring, there comes a point that it just doesn't do anyone any good anymore.  My sister says, "When Pinterest stops inspiring and starts making you feel bad, it's time to get off."  Very wise.

Which is why I thought you'd enjoy the stack of mail, half full fruit bowl and our latest read-aloud on counters coated with a sheen of wheat flour, with dirty dishes in the background. 

And why not include some nooks that make me smile?  It's like my mini bookish home tour! 
It goes without saying that the Rugged Mountain Man and I are passionate about reading. 

It reflects in the culture of our home.  I'm always arranging tempting reads on the dining room table in order to whet the girlies' appetites for something new, old, different or challenging.  I myself love to reread my favorites over and over again. (Hello Pride & Prejudice, again.)  The little figurine in the middle of the table is something my Mom always had around our home when I was growing up.  It gives me warm fuzzies, reminding me of the special times of reading to our Blossoms. 

Whenever I step around the dining room table, I have to watch my step, because they, especially Blossom2, are always snagging a few moments of cozy reading time in their bean bag chairs, leaving the books upside down like this.

And here's Blossom3's book basket in her bedroom.  She doesn't know it, but I'm drawing her into longer books with curated selections.  I love when she emerges from rest time clutching her latest read and grinning.  She happily rattles off what she read and begs me to add it to her book list. 
So, this is just what you'd see if you come on over.  It's us.  It's our home.  And yes, it's bookish.  Happy Friday!