Monday, May 26, 2014

The Real Purpose of Dining Room Tables

- An art center in a free garage sale find treasure chest (that thrilled the Blossoms down to their toes!)
- Bags of bead projects in process... and beads EVERYWHERE!

- An elephant puzzle in progress (again)
- A stack of collected artwork, along with a red Lei from today's parade
- A plant from a girlie's day at work with Daddy
- A science experiment in progress (which I'll tell you about soon!)

I look at all this mess and it's happy clutter.  I loved making bracelets with my daughters today!  (It made them smile too.)  I love stopping at the table and dropping a piece or two into a puzzle for a happy little girlie.  I love sharing fond memories with our daughters about a science experiment.  This is what a dining room table was meant for!

Hope you all had a happy Memorial Day!