Monday, May 19, 2014

The Long and Short of the Long Necklace

Hello friends!

Things are always interesting around here, but especially so lately.  Heavy rains Thursday caused us to be without power all day on Friday.  I ended up with 3 extra children on Friday, which is slightly more interesting without power.  It all went well though.  :)  The girlies were glad too, since they were unable to see the children's play we were going to see at the local playhouse Friday morning.  Having friends over makes up for the flooded parking lots and roads leading up to the playhouse and subsequently cancelling the show!!!! 

Oftentimes I share things that work here in my little bloggy space.  Things like teatime, rubber-band cup identifiers and budget parties.  One of my taglines for this blog has been, "Honest Thoughts, Humorous Blossoms."  I like to share my honest opinions too.  So, today, I'm sharing something that doesn't work. 

:(  75-100 Inch Necklaces  :(

I dress simply and accessorize to fancy things up.  I don't like messing with my clothing all the time.  I get dressed.  I like to leave my clothing and jewelry alone after that.  No hitching.  No adjusting.  No tip-toeing around pieces you have to be careful with.  That isn't for me.  Since I dress with simple pieces of a wardrobe, I latched onto the idea of a 75+ inch pearl strand as an easy way to dress up a plain Walmart shirt and a pair of jeans or skirt.  (From Barbara Bush to Jackie O, pearls always say CLASS and GLAM, in my opinion.)  I ordered a custom size from my favorite Etsy pearl jewelry seller PearlsStory.  (It was a gift from the Rugged, Mountain Man.)  She gave me a great price ($20ish and always free shipping!)  The necklace itself is not a disappointment at all.  It is heavy (read quality) and very beautiful.  I'm not sad that it is in my jewelry box.  You can search Pinterest and the internet for multiple ways to wear these necklaces, which I did.  Now, after about a year of wearing it, here is my assessment.

Every time I wear them, I am constantly adjusting the necklace. 
It doesn't stay in the loops. 
It slides. 
It (almost) chokes me. 
Up and down.
Up and down.
Up and down.

I conceded to defeat yesterday after church.  I had fussed with that lovely necklace  (Yuck.)

So, here's the plain truth of it.  Long necklaces are high maintenance and I am not. 

I am not getting rid of the lovely long pearl strand any time soon.  Rather, on the way home, I tied the necklace in a knot, like a scarf.  It stayed put for 10 minutes, which I considered a victory after my all-day tug and fuss game.  So perhaps the knotted look is the future in this accessory for me!  I'll let you know...

It sure makes a great prop for Baby Blossom 9 month pics though!  (that, and a vintage dress!)

(photo credit to my talented sister!)