Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dealing with Disappointment

I think the Blossoms are learning how to deal with disappointment.  On Friday, the long-anticipated children's play was cancelled at the very last minute, due to flooding.  And, they dealt with it so well.  We grocery-shopped instead and they had hardly a word of complaint coming from their mouths.  Today, after helping Mommy to pack to head to our favorite family retreat, our cabin, for a rare midweek overnighter there, the truck broke down in the middle of the road! 

The cabin is the I CHING in our family's book.  It is the answer to life's questions (if I may quote You've Got Mail).  It is better than ice cream (only because we get ice cream at the tiny country store there, smack dab in the middle of nowhere.)  To name a few of its attractions ~ s'mores...the creek...fresh, spring air... mountains... oh yes, and then, we were going to meet up with our homeschooling pals to do homeschooly things!  Things that included water shoes and aquatic life and a craft.  For our country girls, it doesn't get much better than that.

And then, the truck went ka-put. 
Yes, ka-put.
In the middle of the blindest curve there is on a road a few miles from home.

After the nice neighbor man pulled it out of harm's way (the girls were already out) and then brought us home, it sank in. 

No cabin.
No creek-walking.
No pals.
No s'mores.

:(  This one was a little tougher than missing a mere children's play.  There's been a little whining, but Mommy reassured them.  You can't count on weather.  You can't count on vehicles.  You can always count on God.  Always.

Guess I'll get to the unpacking.  Maybe the girls and I will have a picnic in the yard tomorrow.  And make some microwave s'mores.  :)