Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When You're the Only One

The Rugged, Mountain Man wisely said,

"Sometimes you gotta stand up for what's right,
even if you're the only one."

It's a succinct point.  Let me tell you, it takes courage (and might I add, GRACE) when you're in that situation. 

I want our girlies to get that point.  As the girlies and I were drinking up a treat of leftover soda, Blossom1 commented that sometimes, she drinks soda at a party because everybody gives her a hard time for not liking it. 

Thoroughly appalled (and slightly angered) Mama. 

We chatted then at the lunch table about how it really doesn't matter what other people say about what she drinks.  If you know there's nothing wrong with it, (consciences are useful things!) and you don't like it, drink what you want.  I want her to have that grace and courage to stand up.  Like her Daddy said,

"Even if you're the only one."

If no one stands with you,
for right.
for holiness.
for good.
for justice.
for mercy.
for less sugar (?).

Whatever it is, standing alone for God's side, is better than a crowd on the wrong side.  And, I'd rather the Blossoms learn this lesson over soda, so it can serve them well later.