Monday, April 11, 2016

More Planting

I think you might remember when I talked a little about "planting" previously.  Some folks call it "strewing."  Mainly, I like to put items or books around the house to pique the girls' interest.  I love watching the Blossoms' interests change, grow, ebb and flow. 

Right now, Blossom4 is major into floor puzzles.  The same floor puzzle is on the kitchen floor for about four days being disassembled and reassembled constantly.  Then, she moves on to another.  I like to "plant" a new one around when I think she's getting bored.  Puzzles are outstanding for developing spatial awareness!

This past Saturday morning, when the bigger Blossoms were fishing with Daddy and Blossom4 slept in, Blossom3 and I had an impromptu Mommy date.  We sipped our tea and hot chocolate and I taught her how to play Cat's Cradle.  Now, the three older Blossoms are all totally into Cat's Cradle.  I can literally feel the wheels turning as they try to invent and learn new Cat's Cradle patterns.  Did you know that you can find directions on for Cat's Cradle and other string games?

Going right along with their Kid Poet Society class, I've been planting miscellaneous poetry books on the dining room table.  The interest even led to reading poetry at an impromptu dinner with my sister, brother-in-law and my nephew.  Poetry has become a little bit of a family thing.  Maybe your kids aren't into it.  Grab a copy of Runny Babbit, by Shel Silverstein and the giggles will start.  They just might get hooked!  I know we are thoroughly enjoying Runny Babbit as our current lunchtime read-aloud. 

So, I'm off to my regular Monday "stuff."  Hope you choose to embrace and delight in your kids' current interests.