Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Gratitude

My neighbor decided to use her change stash to bring happiness to our Blossoms.

She hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the girlies!

This was so sweet, especially since I had no time to put one together for the Blossoms this year. 
(As a mama, it blessed me!)
 They were SO excited to embrace spring this way.

It made Sue and I smile as the girlies ran through the sunshine with Sue's dog, Mitsy, at their heels, barking like a puppy again. 

Blossom4 was comical.  She found two eggs, opened the first, discovered a balloon inside and spent the next 15 minutes inflating and deflating that balloon.  (See the blue balloon hanging out of her mouth as she squats.) 

The only reason she got any other eggs was because her sisters generously made sure she had a basket full. 

As you can see, we are blessed to live in beautiful terrain.

The girlies are happy that spring is here.  They've done well embracing each season in its turn, which is part of being content year round.  It's also part of being a virtuous woman, one that smiles at the days ahead.

Yesterday, the big girlies went on a 6 mile hike with Daddy and the hounds and the little girlies and I spent some time absorbing the beauty of the creek.

They dangled their toes in the water, threw in dandelions and squealed in delight at pebbles, glistening water and birds flying overhead.  As I lolled around the creek with our little treasures, I couldn't be anything but thankful.  Just thankful.