Monday, April 4, 2016

Sweedler Nature Preserve & Good Silence/Good Chatting

These pics were snapped barely two weeks ago, but this trip already feels like a dream. 
That's one of the reasons I like to take so many pictures;
to solidify memories for the Rugged Mountain Man and me.

On this particular day, I was pretty thankful for google.  We knew that several of the local state parks were either closed or had trails closed.  We'd already hiked many of the trails that remained open.

Through a google search for "waterfalls near Ithaca," we discovered this gem.  Sweedler Nature Preserve is privately owned by a land trust, which means less signs.  Less guidelines.  More hiking with less closed gates.  You know that's a little more our style anyway.

One of the things I loved about this trip was its reminder to enjoy companionable silence.

I've mentioned that the Rugged Mountain Man and I have been friends since I was 16 years old.  We've long been able to be chatty or silent together.

With children though, there's so much noise and chaos, that the companionable silence gets mistaken for unfriendly or unwanted silence.

Driving to church is sometimes quiet between the two of us or sometimes chatty.

Either one is good and acceptable. 

When you live with a clear conscience before God and an open heart toward your husband, the times of quiet or the times of talking are good, good things.

But the noise, noise, noise, NOISE can make the silence seem broody or distant. 
I felt reminded. 
Thinking is good. 
Talking is good.

Together is good.
And I wondered how many wives are nagging their husbands for chit-chat, when he's just enjoying the companionable silence between the two of you? 
Quiet husbands sometimes get a bad rap.  Or a discontent wife.  Precarious is the balance.

I felt newly reminded to revel in the companionable silence and the conversations,
just as much at home, as I did here in Ithaca.

Of course, I realize that it's easier to do when there's no housework, no whining,
no bickering and no cares. 

But, I can still take that thought with me back to the homestead.

 It's just another link in the whole chain of the two of us growing closer to Jesus
and each other every day.

As for hiking, you can see that I'm a details person and a grandeur person. 
I adored the frosty details on the waterfalls and the grandiose rockery.

At this point in the hike, we met "Rob," a man who'd jumped fences and gates at numerous places we'd hiked during our concurrent stays in Ithaca. 

He also confirmed my suspicion that we are a conspicuous couple in our hiking boots, lumberjack plaids and ruddy outdoor complexions, since he recognized us from eating at the same restaurant the previous night.

It was nice to meet a fellow who hailed from our state.

I have to say, Ithaca, NY is rapidly becoming one of my most favorite places in the entire US.

Maybe a little dream is blossoming in my dream-prone soul:

to own a little cabin there someday.  Maybe, someday...

Oh, and, just a quick stop at Buttermilk Falls on the way back through town to see how the flow was a little bit higher than last fall.  Totally worth it!