Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Life.  A balance of all things important and those things not important.  And precarious is that balance. 

I'll never again tell another mother that "she just needs to prioritize better."  Precarious is this balance of priorities.  Education has priority!  Good, hot meals have priority!  Time with God has priority!  Clean clothes has priority!  Family devotions have priority!  The Rugged Mountain Man has priority!  Mama's self-care is a priority!  A shower has priority!  This list goes on (and is in no particular order, so don't judge.) 


The balance of discipline is precarious.  Too firm.  Too loose.  More love.  More firm.  Harsher consequences.  Tired children.  Early bedtime.  Earlier rise time.  Sleep in.  More chores.  More practice.  Precarious.

The balance between life and death is precarious.  Breathing one moment, gone the next.  Hoping.  Sadness.  Celebration.  Precarious. 

Precarious is the balance of work.  Tackle the clutter or play Tell Tale?  Bark out orders or read a book?  Fold the clothes or let them wait another day?  Precarious.

I've always had a plan in place for the balance of time, the balance of discipline and other such things.  Life sometimes has a monkey wrench thrown in the midst of it all.

It's essential that we mamas keep on keepin' on.  We scratch our heads and make the best decision at the time.  We humbly whisper a prayer as we assign extra chores for a small one's rotten attitude.  We call our husbands for his advice on what to do with another small one's dilemma.  We ponder life.  We meditate on love.  And we keep going, walking humbly with our God, knowing that He keeps His fingers on the precarious.