Monday, February 29, 2016

Geology Rocks

I've shared with you before that more people (especially homeschoolers) really ought to utilize the educational opportunities at their local state parks

We went over a valley or two and attended a 5 hour "Geology Rocks" session.  This turned out to be our best education state park experience yet.  (Previous picture is the group learning about sedimentary rock.  The bottom layer of sedimentary rock is very warm and totally feeling the pressure... the same as the kids as they piled on layer after layer of kids.)

Blossom4 and her little pal agree that there ain't nothin' better than a cozy fire.

I got to fellowship all day with my friend, her little one and my little Blossom4.  The Environmental Center was full of fun educational books, heavy duty dinosaurs, all sorts of stuffed native animals and even aquariums for fun gazing.

Blossom3 was so pleased that her and her little pal got to participate and identify the rocks in the rock collections, even though they aren't 9 yrs old.  (I like it when people are flexible to include siblings.)

Then, when Blossom4 grew tired and restless in captivity, we ventured out to the playground.  The sun was shining and we basked in its rays and its warmth.

The day was a terrific change of pace, packed with knowledge and excellent hands-on activities to "make it stick."

Even Rory and Jake love field trips!  The Rugged Mountain Man came along so that he could do some hiking on the Mid State Trail with the "fellas" (as we call the dogs.)

Plus, Daddy even got to keep an eye on the girlies' Run Your Own Profitable Mine activity.  (Blossom1 tied for first as having the most profitable mine on the second go-round.  She was pretty pleased.)  The activity was quite in depth, complete with a patrolling MSHA officer watching for safety, health and environmental violations. 

I loved getting to chat with Daddy on the ride over.  I thoroughly enjoyed having meaningful mama-friend conversations in the Environmental Center, while putting the same puzzle together (at least) 5 times. 

Never forget that true fellowship can happen just about anywhere - in a vehicle, on a playground, over a puzzle, wherever.  More and more, I embrace the opportunities that come my way.  I appreciate the encouragement that I'm given and the encouragement I can offer.  It's fellowship, even during a Geology Rocks session.  As I used to say in my early (EARLY) twenties ~ "I'm down with that."