Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What to do with PB Jars

I decided to surprise the Rugged Mountain Man on his birthday and take out the garbage for him.  As I was getting the gigantic bag ready to lug down the hill, I noticed an empty peanut butter jar in the middle yard.  (Long ago, I learned a dog owner secret from my sister in law.  Just pitch peanut butter jars out the back door and your dogs will be delighted, well entertained and somewhat spoiled!)  Enjoying the fresh air and the early morning stillness, I strolled over to grab the empty and well-licked peanut butter jar.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed another peanut butter jar. 

"Great, I should grab that one too." 

I straightened and gazed around our yard once more, only to discover that there were no less than FIVE empty peanut butter jars awaiting my pick up.  This produced a chuckle in my throat and these thoughts in rapid succession:

A. We eat a lot of peanut butter. 
(And I can't just blame the Blossoms, as it makes a perfect smoothie or a wonderful remedy for that bottom-of-the-barrel milk chocolate stuff.)

B. We need to work on the Blossoms taking the "initiative." 
(Shouldn't those jars have been picked up by now?  They WERE in the middle of the yard and the Blossoms are outside far more than I am.)

C. If I had to be a dog, I'd want to live here.
(This is completely self explanatory.)

D. We really ARE country people, if I think it is normal to pitch empty peanut butter jars out the back door.

Take your pick... or your laugh.