Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dear Friends

"I like to start my notes to you as if we're the oldest and dearest of friends."
Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly, in "You've Got Mail"
Dear Friends,
What an odd winter we've had thus far.  Just the other day, we got powdered with one inch of snow, when our family members were blessed with 3 inches, 7 inches and TWO feet.  The Blossoms were green with envy (and grass).  I am sure our time will come.

Over the weekend, we ice skated (pics coming another day) as the temps rose from 30 to 50 degrees and the girlies shed layer after layer as they made their rounds on the outdoor rink.  Then, we also capitalized on the 50 and 60 degree Sunday and went for a hike.  Hiking... 
I heart hiking. 
The moment I step off the pavement, release the "hounds" or the "da boys" (as Blossom4 said) from their leashes, my entire soul takes a breath of fresh air and I sigh in happiness.  God made the Great Outdoors and they.are.good.

The Vitamin D.  What an amazing thing that He caused our body to produce vitamin D when we experience sunshine.  I call that miraculous.  I'm marveling as I type!  The only other way to get vitamin D is from supplements, people.  Something scientific happens in your body when you walk outside.  Only an intelligent Creator can explain it.

The Togetherness.  There's no better way to be all there, fully present, to totally "lean in" (or whatever other buzz word you can think of for quality time in your relationships) than to just be together.  Connecting with your family does not require fancy amusement parks or expensive outings.  Just be.  Just live.  Just walk.  Just do (it.) (Thanks,  Nike.) 

The thinking.  Nothing clears my brain, washes away clutter or lets me hear God's voice, like being in the Great Outdoors.  I start to count my blessings, when I've let discontentment take over.  I lean back toward kindness, when harsh words and actions were becoming frequent.  I humble myself before Almighty God, remembering how little I am, when I was starting to think more of myself than I ought.  My joy springs anew, when I felt dry and tired. 

What a winter!  We'll take it, whether snow or unseasonably warm.