Thursday, February 4, 2016

Six Year Old Sweetie

Fun times over here celebrating Blossom3's sixth birthday!

Being that Mommy said Blossom3 could not have another Frozen party, the little girlie had to get creative.  She settled on a Minnie Mouse-Cowgirl-Polka Dot party. 

These pretzel snaps were so fun to make and they ate every one! (as opposed to eating "everyone."  All you grammar snobs are chuckling along with me.) 

Behold the cupcakes that Blossom3's auntie lovingly created.  Blossom3 is STILL talking about them.  (Gotta laugh at photo-bombing, cowgirl hat wearing, Kindle Fire wielding Blossom2, doing what people do now - taking pictures of food with their favorite device.  Blossom2 and Blossom1 whipped out devices this morning at breakfast to take pictures of their green smoothies.  I knew, then and there, that this is a techno world we're living in.)

Our 6 year old sweetie announced in her birthday interview that she loves to cook and wants to be a "restaurant girl" when she grows up.  (She also told someone in the church nursery on Sunday, "I'm not pretending to be a chef, I AM a chef.") 

I'm just enjoying her grin-minus-one-tooth plus the temporary accompanying minor lisp.  Adorable!