Friday, February 19, 2016

Simple Things, Simple Counting

You know, when you're far from home, sometimes it just the simple things that bring happiness.

(photo credit to my very talented, even with a baby clutching her leg,
a bouncing toddler niece and an iPhone sister)
Blossom4 was delighted when we opened a door upstairs at my aunt's house and came across a bouncy horse.  She kept saying, "Mama, dis is pitty cool!"  Her little cousin was equally thrilled, though not nearly so skilled a rider.  (By the end, Blossom4 looked like a professional jockey, standing up on stirrups and doing one-sided fancy rides.) 
For my part, I was thrilled with the simple pleasures of Starbucks (almost) every day, inside jokes with my family, silly songs my aunts taught me when I was a little girl, familiar familial sites, thoughts of Christmases long, long ago, old pictures, mementos of the love of other generations, silly texting with my husband and a surprise Dr. Pepper. 
This post is really just a subtle way to count my blessings.  What can you count today?