Monday, February 15, 2016

Winter Whiteness, Road Trip & Back to the Tender Mundane

Hello friends,

Hope you have been enjoying and embracing winter.  (Do you need help with that?  Check this out!)  I'm typing at my laptop, gazing out the window at the winter whiteness winding its way down from the heavens.

I've been "gallivanting" about the country.  We got a call on Super Bowl Sunday, that my 92 year old grandmother passed away.  As a result, Blossom4 and I travelled over 1400 miles roundtrip with my parents, sister, nephew and cousin to attend the funeral.  One of my brothers flew in and stayed with us as well. 

It's with a light heart that I speak of the weekend.  After all, Grandma lived a full life.  She raised ten kids (yes, TEN) on a dairy farm in the Midwest (and liked it!)  She was an amazing lady whom I admire very much. 

(The Family Farm, where my dad was raised.  Photo credit to my brother)

Since she lived a full life and was not ill, the weekend was very much a celebration of her life with family.  I loved hearing about how she played Scrabble with her boys, to help them improve their spelling.  (I finally connected the dots.  I never knew why Scrabble was such a big deal with our family.  It all started more than 40 years ago as her attempt to help her children!) 

I also loved her approach to childhood bickering and foolishness. 

"Oh, you have time to bicker and get in to trouble?  You must not have enough work to do!" 

Then, she'd assign more chores.  Apparently, all ten of the children quickly learned to control themselves and their foolishness. 

(Sunrise in Chicago)

It was a wonderful weekend of fellowship with family, fun Valentine's weekend drinks from Starbucks, joking, celebrating, catching up, and singing.  Family singing remains very high up there on my list of favorite things.  When that harmony lifted up the strains of "How Great Thou Art," my heart lifted up its praises too.  Amazing.

I'm grateful for a pious woman who worked tirelessly during her life.  I'm also happy to be home again, as well, digging back into the tender mundane here. 

Cozy up!