Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Version of Planting

There's a concept known in the interest-led learning world as "planting."  Though I am not an interest-led learning type of homeschooler, I apply some of its strong points to our education in progress here.  For example, when Blossom2 showed an interest in rocks, we read books about rocks, looked at pictures of rocks, googled rocks and visited a cave.  This isn't extraordinary parenting behavior; in my book, it's just good parenting.  (I believe that amazing things demonstrate our Amazing Creator.)

Back to "planting," interest-led learner parents will "plant" objects/books around their house to intentionally pique the interest of their children.  The children might awaken to a grocer's scale in the middle of the living room.  When the child shows an interest in the object, the parents then facilitate further learning in that direction.  While it makes me laugh a little, I like making knowledge and information readily available to the Blossoms.  I told the Rugged Mountain Man that I was experimenting (successfully) in this area. 

For weeks now, I've been rotating the books and objects on the dining room table.  I always do this very inconspicuously and casually.  The above pics shows an adult reference guide to Perennials, a classic (well-loved) Pollyanna book (Read the original, unedited book. It's a terrific Christian classic very suitable for children!!!) and a pamphlet about the Constitution.  I never limit the books to age specific reading levels.  Children can glean tidbits from reference books and pamphlets of all reading levels. 
My version of "planting" could be referred to as whetting their appetite in a variety of subjects. 

This is always the result.  I love it!