Friday, November 28, 2014

Onward to the Festivities

We feasted!  We chatted!  We were grateful!  (and I ate Chocolate Truffle Pie - OH YAAAAAAA!)

And now, let the Christmas festivities begin!  Our Christmas Cookie baking day is coming up, as well as our annual Christmas Tea Party.  I am excited about all of those things. 

Today was a restful day.  (Well, it was as restful as "supervising" four children decorating a tree can be.  Daddy was chillin' with us and he commented that he could see why I'm tired at the end of the day.)  The Blossoms were so happy to decorate the tree though.  And Blossom4 was touching E V E R Y T H I N G.  I call it sensory fun (and I didn't even have to dye rice to make a sensory table!)  I did get a TERRIFIC nap today too.  I paid the price though.  Blossom3 didn't take a nap (because Daddy thought she was sleeping, when she wasn't) and now she's bouncing off the walls.  She'll probably fall asleep when we watch the Grinch movie later.  And, I awoke to Daddy escorting Blossom1 into the house with blood squirting from her nose.  Sledding accident.  I told her to be glad it's only Friday.  She doesn't have to go to church for a few more days and by then, the swelling will probably have gone down.  For now, I think we'll call her Rothlisberger.  In any case, it's been a nice holiday thus far and I'm thankful for that.