Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I think you all have heard me mention the Blossoms' Jake's Cakes venture.  Here they are getting set up for their latest craft show.  Don't you just love that Grinch material?  lol  (I'm actually a big fan of the old animated Grinch movie... not the Jim Carrey one.)  Anyway, it was another terrific learning experience.  (Weren't the pink Santa hats such a nice touch for a Christmas craft show?)

Blossom1 mentioned, "Mommy, it is exhausting being polite for THAT LONG!"  Too funny!

This whole venture is a huge amount of work for Daddy, the girlies and me, but I keep telling the girlies, "Anything worthwhile takes hard work."  That's what I want them to get out of this and so much of our parenting. 

I'm so tired of the mentality that if it isn't easy, don't bother.  If every Christian subscribed to this mentality, no Christian would ever bother with holiness.  Holiness isn't easy.  Conquering the flesh doesn't just happen.  We are given grace to overcome sin.  We have the Holy Spirit helping us.  It takes patience.  It takes doing the harder things.  And, in the end (as in, Eternity), it is worthwhile. 

I like thinking about Eternity - the place of justice.  The time of rewards.  The time of perfect peace.

Eternity makes holiness totally worthwhile.  And that's what we're shooting for.