Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday silliness

Some Friday silliness!

Apparently Kitchen Aid flour shields work well as Mrs. Jetson type skirts!

Blossom2 doesn't want to admit that she's been influenced by the Little House books that she has been reading.  Combined with the other Blossoms' love of all things Little House, we brainstormed this week and did our best to convince Daddy to take us to Malone, NY next Summer to visit Almanzo Wilder's homestead!  We'll see if it works out!
By the way, see that ugly red couch in the picture?  We scored an old leather caramel-colored couch on craigslist last night.  It's worn, but at least, it's a classier "worn" than the ugly red "worn!"  HURRAY for craigslist free ads!!!

Ahem, the true caption for this pic is, "Please don't feed me spaghetti, Mommy."  (What a squirrel!!!)
However, if Daddy captioned this, he might say, "Oh no, not another craigslist adventure!" 
Hope you all have a terrific, productive AND restful weekend!