Wednesday, November 5, 2014

From Grandma's Rocking Chair

My grandmother is a very wise lady.  She was the wife of a farmer.  Together they raised TEN children.  Ten children who are hard workers.  Ten children who are generous and kind.  I love to hear about my dad's childhood.  It brings perspective to the entitlement mentality I see in this day and age.  For example, my dad didn't go out to eat at a restaurant until he was EIGHTEEN years old.  For real.  He used to say that to us when we'd whine about something at a restaurant.  And now, I tell the Blossoms that.  Here's a relevant piece of advice from Grandma.

"It's not the high cost of living; 
It's the cost of high living that gets people."

That and, just add more water to the soup pot if you don't think your soup will stretch far enough.  Then, it's stretch every time.  :)  Thanks, Grandma.