Monday, November 3, 2014

How She Got a Cell Phone or Rock On, My Little LG Tracfone!

The Rugged Mountain Man and I were able to go out on a little date this past week.  Wings, fries, chit-chat, coffee, ice cream... it all melded together for such a pleasant evening.  Mammas and Daddies NEED to do this often.  I know firsthand. 

We usually joke that our small town boasts few activities for date nights.  We enjoy walking along the river and shopping at the little shops, but other than that, the options are usually limited.  Imagine our delight when we stumbled upon some pretty good coffee shop music to go with our coffee and (Hershey's) ice cream.  So relaxing and fun!

Of course, in a nod to tradition, we made a stop at Lowe's and Walmart as well.  I realize most folks fail to see the romance in that, but we are eager to savor the slower pace and peaceful quiet of being together in any store... just think, we can finish a thought process and speak without interruption! 

At Walmart, the Rugged Mountain Man treated me to a cell phone! 


We've been a one cell phone family for many years now.  It worked well for us when the girlies were all little and we were always home.  If not, Mommy just had the phone that day.  Nowadays, Daddy's carpooling colleagues aren't so excited to hear a feminine voice answer when they are searching for Daddy's whereabouts or trying to discuss a work-related emergency.  The Blossoms are now older and Mommy has to drive more - piano lessons, 4-H meetings, co-op class, miscellaneous errands...  Additionally, throw in two close calls in the last months, (getting run off the road by a local construction company semi and narrowly missing a power company pole as well as this adventure!) and Mommy was anxious for an emergency phone.  I realized, "Yes, I still don't need that unlimited text package or an iPhone."  Honestly, that doesn't fit our single income budget.  I'm not trying to share too much information here.  Rather, I'd like you to see what it made me see.  The fancy phone package is rarely a need and usually a want for most folks.  I realized that I had previously pestered my husband for a text package and had no good reason for it (other than wanting what everyone else had).  I changed my attitude and my tactics.  Eureka!  I researched what would truly meet a need for our family. 

Long story short, here I am, considering writing my husband a thank you card because I'm so stinkin' tickled pick with my $9.88 LG flip phone that literally has approximately 20 minutes a month on it.  (I did the math, it's costing us a little under $7.00/month.)  When I'm carting around these beauties, I'm grateful for the little extra peace of mind.

And, if you can get a little encouragement out of my offbeat cell phone story, please get past the, "Welcome to the 21st century, Dominique" and take a little helping of contentment too.  It's surprising the satisfaction it brings to be thankful and content over something so small.