Friday, November 7, 2014

Life Lately

"Got anything good to eat in there?"

"Are those chicken treats you're making?"
"Sorry, Rhoda, these are DOG treats!!!" 
The girls have started their baking for their "Jake's Cakes" craft shows.  This is our third year and we were only scheduled to do one show.  A lady had picked up their business card and called and asked them to set up at another one.  The Blossom were SO excited.  So, they've been baking up a storm!  Although it is hard for me to watch my tidy kitchen turn into hurricane aftermath, the things they learn while being independent in the kitchen are amazing. 
(It is also entertaining to hear a 9 year old and 7 year old whine to their Grandma about how Mommy needs to buy another "decent" rolling pin because they are tired of one or two girlies having to use a little kid rolling pin.)

Blossom4 Never likes being left out, so she helps herself to a sampling of the Peanut Butter Biscuits! 

Jake is not pictured, but believe me, he is ALWAYS nearby when the girlies are baking dog treats.  He KNOWS that this stuff is (sorta) for him.  Blossom4 got to a tray of cooling treats and promptly helped Jake to a goodly number of them, much to the other Blossoms' chagrin!

So, tomorrow, we'll be sitting out in the cold, learning the lessons of entrepreneurship.  I'm glad we have opportunities to do stuff like this.  It brings back memories of my sister and I selling homemade hats and "fancy fans" with our Mom.