Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Smiles and Costumes

My co-leader and I gave the all the students in our homeschool co-op a choice for spirit week:

- Nerds vs. Rockstars
- Occupation Day
- Favorite Team
- Favorite Book Character

Favorite Book Character day won by a landslide. 
And the conversations at home began.  Who to be?
Much to my surprise, Nancy Drew was thrown out because all you need is a magnifying glass and where's the fun in the that costume?   I should've figured.

After much deliberation, I give you:
Blossom3 as Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor (illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser).
Blossom2 is Queen Blossom from the Kingdom of Fantasy books by Geronimo Stilton. 
Blossom1 is Queen Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. 
Blossom4 is Jesse Bear by Nancy White Carlstrom.   
We made a five dollar trip to the thrift store (Boom, baby!!!) and another trip to the dollar store.  Blossom3 needed a feather boa and a boatload of beads! 
Blossom1's costume began with a brown flared dress about ten sizes too big and a set of burgundy curtains.  Blossom2's costume began with a blue shirt off the quarter clearance rack and another set of curtains. 

After about an hour or so at the sewing machine, we had ourselves some medieval style sleeves and our costumes were definitely looking good now.  The girlies were so tickled with how their costumes turned out. 

Blossom3 borrowed the red wig off her Grandma, who won it at a Mary Kay party several years ago.  Her wig was the first to go from her costume, because wigs are hot, but she made a pretty convincing Fancy Nancy.  And an adorable Fancy Nancy, if I do say so myself!

Blossom4 as Jesse Bear didn't even make it into the group picture at co-op, because her Nittany Lion snow suit turned bear costume was "SO HOT."  That's life with a three year old, but I expected that, so no biggie.

There were just so many smiles with this whole costume thing... smiles of anticipation.... smiles after the fittings... smiles checking out their pals' costumes... the smiles of childhood fun.  And I'm glad.