Monday, November 21, 2016

Hearts, Hurts and Hypocrisy

I've heard of passive aggression, but now I've experienced it. 

Passive aggression has been unmasked to me for the hypocrisy it is.  

When words are used to hurt people under the guise of kindness, it's wrong. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

When you walk away from a "nice" conversation and you feel icky.  It's because you were meant to feel the dig.  The words were designed to put down, to wound. 

When you leave and wonder how something "pleasant" could bother you so.  It's because the motives of the heart have shone through another's words.  You heard the words, but truly, you got the message, loud and clear.

Those nice words from a mean heart or motive are completely un-Jesus. 

Jesus was genuine in His interactions with people.  People were drawn to His love.  He didn't fake it.  He talked straight.  He loved and He acted on that love.  In this journey on Earth, I'm aiming to be just like Him. 

Have you found yourself saying inane things with a mean motive?  I caution you.  You could lose friendships that God has ordained

"A man that has friends must show himself friendly."

Are you crafting conversations from ugly sin in your heart?  Is it jealousy?  Is it insecurity?  Is it impatience?  Is it bitterness?  Jesus is calling us up higher to the law of Love.  The cause of the Gospel is being damaged when Love is not the rule... 'cause ain't nobody wants to be a part of a Family that works like that. 

What if you're finding passive aggression where you expected fellowship? 

We can recognize the fakery, no longer partaking in the hurt.

We can pray.  Really pray for the perpetrator and the receiver. 

We can still walk according to the law of Love. 

And if the opportunity arises, we can speak the truth in love.

Let's end the hypocrisy.