Friday, October 28, 2016

Conclusions on Conductors and Current

Inspired by the memorable science experiments my mom did with us as kids and the encouragement of my fantastic and inspiring evaluator to put time into the things they'll remember, I've been doing weekly science experiments with our Blossoms. 

Thus far, most of them come from the Backyard Scientist series by Jane Hoffman, which I previously featured in this post.

In this experiment we were studying conductors. 

I have to say, there's just something about making a tiny light bulb light up. 

After the initial experiment, the search of our entire house for other conductors commenced. 

The pile of objects to try cluttered the counter. 

Everything from dog tags to gummy bears.

Blossom1 exclaimed, "This is SO interesting!"

Blossom2 and Blossom3 discovered that your conductor can be threaded through the gummy bear and still conduct a current, but the gummy bear itself cannot conduct a current.

Though following the directions explicitly achieved the (impressive) desired results, the most excitement was generated when the Blossoms tinkered with the batteries, different conductors. 

After doing this kind of lab work, the girlies had much more respect for electricity, currents and all Mama's cautions about how "water and electricity don't mix." 

Mamas remember:
A little tinkering, a little mess and
more than a little learning can happen!
And it just might be memorable.