Sunday, October 16, 2016

Littles, a Little Overwhelm and a Little bit of Grace

These two little cuties were doing what "Littles" do while their older siblings are occupied.  In this case, all of the older siblings were busy on an amazing obstacle course that some of the moms in our co-op put together. 

Blossom4 and her pal, the Little Camo Guy, who rivals her in bedhead wonder, had quite an agenda of Littles' Business to attend to. 

Every time I look at these pics, I think, "Just git 'er dun." 

I was busy snapping shots of all the kids tramping through the obstacle course, so I missed the Littles' conversation on what they were loading and why.  Both the Little Camo Guy and Blossom4 speak very well, so I'm positively sure there was a conversation.  They diligently loaded the Gator together.  Then, they jumped in and tried to drive off.  Unfortunately for them, the Gator had a low battery.  #nomattertheyjustwenttoplaywithsomethingelse  #busylittles
There are so many demands over here in our neck of the woods.  My guess is that isn't unique to my position as Mom here.  I feel like this week and weekend, I've been fighting the overwhelming feelings moreso than usual.  And I want my attitude to be right.  I want to be happy as I work. 
If you fill your time with what God wants you to do,
shouldn't it be a joy to plug away at those tasks? 

I'm preaching to myself lately.  Humbly and honestly, I feel like I need an attitude adjustment.  So, I'm just gonna keep preaching to myself.  #preachitsista

My tasks may or may not be easy.  They may be simple.  They might be messy.  They might be long.  But, I'm feeling comfort flood me even now as I lean back into the rest and assurance of doing what God wants to me to do.  Today.  Right now.  This weekend.  This coming week. 

And for every one of those tasks He wants me to do,
He gives me enough grace for that task. 
Right when I need that grace. 

With His grace, I'll hit the mark.