Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Doing the (Rope) Walk

Two of our co-op moms put it together. 

As one mom was a Marine and the other lived the rustic life in Alaska, I should've figured this wouldn't be your average obstacle course.  I appreciate when people do things with excellence.  Since I know all the demands on a mom's time, especially a homeschooling mom, I was thoroughly grateful for their time.

The low crawl was particularly impressive, with its maze of stakes and strings.  Unfortunately, all my pics were head-on shots. 

The kids were timed and worked to beat their times in following runs.  We are teaching our kids about friendly competition and sportsmanship, so we were pleased to hear their chants and shouts to cheer each of their pals on. 

I was surprised; Blossom3 and her pals even wrangled the tire rather well. 
The Blossoms loved the course so much, they ran it several times!  Blossom2 was very tickled to share with Daddy that she had the top two times, mostly attributed to her fancy rope walk footwork. 

I got to sprint from station to station as acting photographer, which was so enjoyable.  Blossom2 also manned her pal's camera, while he ran the course.

I also helped keep an eye on the Littles, while the rest of the moms stayed at their station posts. 

The Little Camo Guy cracked me up with his Daddy emulation.  His bow stance is prime!