Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fair Snapshots

Yep, we're a tried and true Chevy family.  This thing hauled our "all terrain wagon" and all sorts of equipment, projects, snacks, water and such back and forth to the Fair numerous times this week.  What a work horse the Great American Land Yacht is!

And, what a good week it's been.  Blossom1 has called it a great week, for sure.  It went by so fast!  Tonight, we can go pick the animals up, as well as all the exhibits.  I'm so thankful for how smoothly it went.

Blossom4 adores the Fair as much as her older sisters do.  She's already insisting we head back to the "Pair" and refuses to believe that it is over.  (Secretly, she just likes to wear her boots out and about.)

Mommy and the rest of the Blossoms can't argue with that.  Nobody thinks anything of boots...

or dirt... or manure...


or anything else classically rural (like camo!) 

The Blossoms were thrilled to finally catch the Tiger show on Thursday night. 

It takes a special person to walk around in a ring with nine full sized tigers doing tricks and stunts. 

Simply, amazing!

May next year be even better and may we learn even more!