Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rein in the Runaway Horse

Way back in my Bible college days, I remember our Pastor sharing that it's much better to rein in a runaway horse, than to try to kick a dead one into action. 

It's true in ministry and it's true in homeschooling (or just parenting). 

Give me a kid that wants to learn and we'll go on an amazing journey together. 
That interest, that curiosity, that desire will fuel an endless drive. 
In sharing this little truth, I will not list all the terrific, creative and different ways that I utilized my children's interests to teach them something today or this week.  Nope. 
(Are you tired of braggy blogs?  I am.) 
Dear Mama friend 'o mine,
Take your cloudy head out of your morning cuppa and think... Did your seven year old baby greet you with a sparkle in their eye this morning?  What was the bursting question your five year old could barely fit betwixt the chatter at the breakfast table?  What was it that your two year old was clamoring to see?  What scheme has your ten year old concocted and devised?  My friendly word for your tired body and soul is to go with it.  Their schemes and chatter don't have to wear you down.  You don't have to drag them, hooked by the jaw, into the schoolroom of life.  Capture the sparkle in a jar and study it.  Clarify the question and overwhelm them (for once) with more to wonder at.  The next time I hear, "Mama, I have an idea," I think I'm gonna lean in and capitalize.  It's the beauty of childhood that I'm sometimes too tired to value.  No longer.

Go with it, friend.  And, may the adventure be glorious.