Monday, May 2, 2016

Your Excellent Stay at Home Wardrobe


I'm sharing my stay at home wardrobe journey today.  About ten years ago, when I realized that I always felt like crap when I wore yoga pants, I determined that I was going to dress decently every day, with jewelry, even if I was only barely awake while I was getting dressed!  There are so many things that precipitated this decision, which I have never once regretted. 

A bus driving friend once told me that when she dressed grungy, she got treated badly on her field trips.  When she dressed nicely, she was treated more courteously and respectfully.  I found that if you don't respect yourself, most likely, other folks won't respect you either.

I realized that I like to show my husband and family respect.  Only dressing nicely when I head out the door sends a message to my husband and family.  You don't matter... or I don't want to be my best for you.  Gah.  That's not the message I want to send.  My husband sees me 24/7 in working mode, but only sometimes in date night mode or once weekly in Sunday best mode.  Hence, I want my everyday mode to be attractive.  It's something I can do to bless my husband.  In blessing him, I've pleased the Lord. 

Most importantly, 1 Timothy 2:9 says that we should be adorned modestly. Another meaning in that word is to be well arranged or well put together. Our every day mode ought to exude excellence, reflecting that we are servants of the Most High. Let's keep growing in excellence and modesty.  We may not feel well put together when we are meeting the day bleary eyed, but we can do our best to be well put together.

Now, I'll share a few practical closet details with you, my friend. 

Stay at Home Mom Style

I have two piles of jeans in my closet, good and everyday.  Most of them were acquired at the thrift store, because that's how I roll.  They don't have holes in them and fit nicely, but not too tight.  My good jeans are the ones with absolutely no stains; I usually pay a little more for them.  In the summer, I wear knee length skirts.  I've made some and I've bought others on my thrifting expeditions.  They are so much cooler, more flexible and more modest than shorts.  Also, because I am borderline obsessed with denim, I own several denim skirts.  #denimlove  Ahem, yes, I purchased most of them from the thrift store. 

Stay at Home Mom Style

In the spirit of TMI - yes, I wear a bra every day.  You should too.  Enough said.  As for shirt styles, I never, EVER wear man-sized t-shirts.  Ugh.  I've found that's the number one way to feel like a mom-blob.  Most of my ladies fitted tees are basic Wal-mart $5.00 and under purchases.  I don't like to worry about what I get on my clothes, but I do like to be decently dressed.  I clean, mother, cook and school in these shirts.  I can't be worried about them.  I do don an apron if I'm going to be doing something excessively messy.  If I'm doing heavy duty work like stacking wood or gardening, I alter my outfit accordingly for that.  I try to wear shirts that are long enough for every day mom work (bending, twisting, squatting) and have a high enough neckline.  If that means I have to throw on a cami for coverage, I do so.  Part of motherhood is modelling modesty for my four daughters.   No, you will never find me running around in spaghetti strap shirts with Daisy Duke shorts, as that's mama and daddy bedroom attire.  Just sayin'.

Stay at Home Mom Style

In the winter, I wear warm, clean looking, comfortable slippers.  In the summer, I find a decent, comfortable, long-lasting pair of flip flops and live in those.  My feet need comfort, as on an average day, I walk at least 5 miles.  This year, Kohl's gets the prize for where I found sturdy flip-flops similar to the ones below.  So far, I love them!

Stay at Home Mom Style

When Blossom1 was a baby, I decided that jewelry makes me look like I got up in the morning and tried to look put together.  For years, I wore the same necklace, hoop earrings and spoon ring every day.  Yes, every day.  I'd still be bleary-eyed, putting my hair in a messy bun and latching on my necklace.  It required no thought at all.  It only took me an extra 10-15 seconds, since it was the same jewelry, every day.  Only recently have I begun to rotate through about 3 different necklaces.  They are comfortable.  They hold sentimental value that makes me smile.  They also hold very little monetary value, so I don't worry too much about losing them.  I still stick with my hoop earrings and comfy spoon ring.  I don't change into fancier jewelry unless I'm leaving the house.

Stay at Home Mom Style

I only paint my toenails.  I do this because it takes about 1 minute to do your toes and it lasts for WEEKS.  Additionally, it makes me looks like I tried to be well put together.  When it starts to chip, I take 30 seconds and touch it up with the same color repeatedly.  I never paint my fingernails.  It chips, it doesn't last and it makes me look like I'm too busy to do my nails, which I am.  I just try to keep them clean and trimmed. 

Stay at Home Mom Style

Now, I'm sure you're thinking the makeup question. Do I wear makeup every day? No, I do not. I apply makeup in the morning if I know I'm leaving the house in the afternoon or evening. My makeup routine is basic compared to some - CC cream, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush and lip gloss. It takes me three minutes. Yes, I did time it, because I'm like that. #efficiency I've found that in my attempts to marshal the Blossom troops out the door, my makeup ends up last on the list and usually forgotten in lieu of last minute child shoe finding expeditions, etc. If I'm not heading out the door later, I give my face a break. I take care of my complexion so it is usually clear and healthy. My husband finds it attractive, so I go with that. I'm trying to send the message to my daughters that I'm beautiful with or without it. However, if I wake up in the morning after a rough night for whatever reason, and I find that I look horrible, I put on some makeup. Often times, just not looking haggard when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror helps me think about what has to be done, rather than how exhausted I feel.
Stay at Home Mom Style

I do my hair every day.  For me, that means I put it up in a pony tail, bun or braid every day.  It's tidy and attractive and it works for the daily demands on me. 

I'm hoping you've found some inspiration in my routine and these outfits. I encourage you to adapt them to your standards, your closet and your tastes. Don't be downcast. Make a fresh start tomorrow morning. Fling your yoga pants into the corner first thing and find something you can work in AND be attractive in.  To God be the glory!