Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Poor Cuppa

You know you have kids when you're innocently drinking your warm cuppa Chai tea, soaking up the solitude that only a warm cuppa something can offer amidst the noisy din of a home overflowing with Blossoms and their activity, when you sip and think.  You again sip and ponder.  Then, you hear it.  A clinking.  You gaze around confusedly.  The clinking doesn't seem to be originating from din around you.  In horror, you realize the clinking is coming from inside your cuppa tea.  You reluctantly stare downward into your rich, warm Chai, only to see pink plastic peeking back at you. 

"What in the world?"

Retrieving a butter knife from the drawer, you fish out a plastic pink ring and it all comes together. 

Your littles had been on the counter, admiring the paint color that's about to go on the back door and using their toy hair dryer to lovingly and painstakingly cool off your tea for you.  Someone neglected to mention to you that the end of the hair dryer dropped into your tea.  That must have been the moment when they mysteriously disappeared to play outside. At least it wasn't the blue paint stick dunked in your tea.