Thursday, May 12, 2016

Be Well Put Together

Hey friends,

Perhaps ya'll know that my state just so happens to host the largest homeschool convention on the East Coast.  My mama was a faithful attendee for years upon years, always returning refreshed and overflowing with new ideas and inspiration.  I've carried on the torch, attending each year, except the year of Blossom4's birth.  So, convention time is upon us.  I'm excited.  My list is all ready and I'm packed.  That's not to say the Blossoms are packed yet, but we'll tackle that with these cool lists this evening. 

I'll be volunteering as an "ever important" entry pass distributor, so I do have to abide by a simple dress code. 

That really just means that I'm one of the smiling faces you meet at the door who has to look like they didn't just crawl out of bed and show up in their pajamas.   My new striped maxi skirt is already getting a workout!  I like to encourage ladies that looking well put together has nothing to do with shopping at the mall or having tons of money at your disposal.  It has more to do with collecting good versatile pieces over time.

Check it out:
Chambray shirt - thrift store find
Blue tee - Walmart clearance rack
Maxi skirt - gift
Shoes - LL Bean super clearance
Necklace - gift
Earrings - gift
Denim vest - thrift store
Teal shirt - Walmart shirt
Maxi skirt - gift
Scarf - consignment store bargain
Shoes - Sam's Club purchase
Earrings - gift
Saddle bag - gift

I'm totally not bragging on my thrift store prowess or my fashionista status (which I DON'T have), I'm hoping to encourage you that no matter what situation or location or vocation you find yourself in today,

be well put together.  
Maybe I'll see you at the convention!