Friday, May 20, 2016

Garden, Girlies & God

I straightened from my stooped stance and surveyed the work in progress that is our garden.  I felt the Holy Spirit whisper,

"This is a lot like parenting." 

This parallel of gardening to parenting took my breath away.  I soaked in the lesson, letting the Lord teach me as I stood there in my cruddy jeans, muck boots and trusty old visor.  If you look at our garden right now, it doesn't look like much even though so much preparation has gone into the soil.  We've composted.  We've planted seeds and young plants.  We put up trellises and tomato cages.  Yes, there are some plants growing.  We've even harvested a few things, so there are some fruits of the work already.  Overall, though it is mostly in, the garden appears immature and sparse. 

I'm always struck by how much faith is involved in gardening.  I often stand at the garden gate and pray that the fruits will come, that He will prosper this little plot.  The same diligence - doing our part without giving up - that brings about an abundant garden is a part of parenting.  The same faith that causes me to plant a seed, to just follow the seed packet directions the best I know how, to water when it looks like it needs watering, to thank God for the sun, that same faith helps me gaze on our Blossoms and see that fruits will come.  Things might look immature or sparse.  There might be a bit of fruit here and there.  The Rugged Mountain Man and I will just keep doing our part ~ nurturing, loving, praying, hugging, correcting, disciplining, trusting God and loving some more. 

The harvest will come.