Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 Fun Things to Do with your Kids While Sitting

I've never subscribed to the old time philosophy that children should be seen and not heard.  Jesus called children to Himself to bless them, showing us that they are important enough to be noticed by the King.  That's not to say that I always feel like paying attention to them.  Sometimes a mama just needs to sit down for once, but I recently had a light bulb moment.  There's lots of things you can do with your kiddos while sitting down resting. 
 #1 - Thumb Wrestling
"One, two, three, GO!"  Then, whoever pins the thumb down, wins!  Believe me, it's only thumb wrestling, but it can get rowdy!

#2 - Tic Tac Toe
Play on paper with a pencil or get yourself an app!  You'd be surprised that even young 4 year olds can be taught to play Tic Tac Toe.
#3 - Cat's Cradle
I loved my impromptu mommy date with Blossom3, where I taught her Cat's Cradle and played it with her for an hour or more.  Then, the girlies played it with my neighbor, Sue.  They've also learned Cup and Saucer, Star, invented Sail Boat and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  All you need is a piece of yarn!  It's good for fine motor skills too!

(It's photo-bombing Rory and our neighbor, Nick)

#4 - Hand Clapping Rhymes
I've loved "See, See, My Playmate" ever since I was a little girl, when my mama taught it to me.  The girlies recently enjoyed "Miss Mary Mack."  All it takes is a little time and undivided attention.  The giggles are bound to start!  "Here is the Church" and fun bouncing rhymes like "This is the Way the Lady Rides" are great for younger kiddos. 

#5 - Hand Pile
It's the silly old game where you stack each other's hands and remove them one by one from the bottom to place them on the top.  You proceed faster and faster til someone messes up the pattern and we all start laughing or end up tickling one another!  I recently snapped a terrific picture of Grammie and three of the girlies playing hand pile.  It was a comical display of family time that made my sentimental heart go pitter-patter.

#6 - Paper-Rock-Scissors
I never liked this game much as a child, mostly because I had a strong disagreement that paper does not beat rock, as rock can totally grind up paper.  Once I reconciled myself to playing by the rules, I realized its virtue as a perfect waiting room game.  I taught Blossom3 and she adored the game. 

So many fun things to do while you're resting!  Mamas do need to sit down every now and again.  Why not use that as a fantastic opportunity for quality time with your children?