Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 Ways to Bless Your Husband

#1 - De-clutter your bedroom.
Your room is an oasis within the oasis of your home.  Spend 15 minutes, pull out the clutter and your room will be like a breath of fresh air.  This task always looms large in my eyes.  That clutter has to go somewhere and I'm the person that has to figure that out.  Hey, I want him to come home to peace and if a little lack of clutter (say that five times fast) will do it, then, heck yeah, let's de-clutter!

#2 - Scrub the toilet he uses.
Sometimes the bathroom is the only peace and quiet he might get at home.  A little elbow grease can make it a place where he can take a breather, gather his thoughts and come out to conquer the world!

#3 - Bake him a favorite seasonal treat.
Summer slips quickly by.  Pick the best seasonal fruit and make him something delectable... just for him.  (I like to call with a sassy, flirty voice and say, "You'll bring vanilla ice cream home, if you know what's good for you!")  (Side note: Someone once asked me if my baking was the reason why my husband stays and her string of boyfriends marches on.  It isn't the cooking; it's the fact that you're keeping the home fires burnin.'  That's no one else's responsibility but mine.  And I take that seriously.)

#4 - Look him in the eyes and listen.
You might have five things you want to tell him and ten things you want to discuss with him, but just look him in the eyes and listen.  Even if there's girlies whining and dogs panting in the background, truly look and listen.

#5 - Make yourself look pretty.
I work in summer.  Like REALLY work (garden, wood, cleaning), so makeup and stillettos aren't much of an option here in the Hollow.  I do always wear a skirt (even if it's a work one), earrings, necklace and a right hand ring.  When I check the clock and see Daddy arrival time approaching, I wash my face, redo my hair and reapply the deodorant.  My husband deserves a fresh, happy face.  Sometimes, it's a struggle to wash away my tired Mommy look, but I give it my best shot.  And, I'm truthful when he asks me about my day.

Do keep the home fires burnin,' friend.  It's a wicked, stinky, raunchy, mean world out there and he's fighting it every day.  Let him come home to peace and beauty so God can bless and refresh his heart each evening.  It's the crux of our mission as wives.