Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chore Packs!!!

I like those little things that make a big difference in our lives.  I've used the chore system from Managers of their Chores by Steve and Teri Maxwell since Blossom1 was about four years old. 

Product Details

The system employs "chore packs," which are small index cards detailing chores in numerical and chronological order.  The children place the cards inside a small trade show like badge holder that clips on their clothing as they are working.  We've long since worn out the original "chore packs" and have just used the leftover trade show badge holders from Grandpa, Grandma or Daddy's show attendance.  However, it was time for a real solution as these badges were no longer holding up.  Chores weren't getting done properly because "chore packs" were getting lost, set down or not used at all!  I was so happy to find this option at and we've got our game on now! 

Baumgartens Sicurix ID Neck Pouch Badge Holders

We're rocking the chores again!  This mama says HURRAY!!!! 

If you've never read Managers of their Chores, it's a great read for coordinating all that needs to be done in the home.  I can't recommend it enough.  From the reasons for chores to the nuts and bolts of setting up a good system, this book covers it all.  (Additionally, I found their book, Managers of their Homes extremely helpful as well.)  So, chore on, my friends!