Monday, May 4, 2015

Just Duckies

Everything is just ducky here!

Blossom2 is happy as a duck, since she is now the proud owner of Pongo & Perdita.  They are a pair of Khaki Campbell ducks, an excellent dual purpose breed.

Additionally, Blossom1 now owns two Sebright Bantams chicks, named Reepiceep and Susan.  To make things fair, LG belongs to Blossom3, which made her rosy cheeks squish into a happy smile. 

I've wanted ducks for quite some time.  Blossom2 apparently shared this desire and is SO HAPPY to own the cute little things. 

LG, Pongo, Perdita, Reepiceep and Susan all are housed together and make up quite a little Motley Crew.  It's sweet to peek in and see all of them sound asleep in the wood chips.

 These delightful duckies actually follow Blossom2 through the grass, peeping insistently!

Their antics in shallow water are highly entertaining - plopping down, scurrying out, furiously wiggling their tails, scurrying around some more and intermittently jumping to catch bugs out of the air... then, doing it all over again, while weaving in and out between the Bantam Chicks and the Pheasant Chick.  It made for good Sunday evening entertainment!  (Critters beat TV any day!)

Micro Farm spring sure is fun!