Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Little Sweat, Big Difference

Hey, a little sweat can take a small change and make a huge difference...

Daddy was away for a day-long fishing trip.  Mommy was suddenly inspired to do a DIY project in the kitchen.  (You gotta understand, I come from a long line of furniture rearranging, power tool wielding women.)  Check out the next picture for my "Before."  (You may recognize the shot from our 2014 Christmas Tea Party.)  The tall pantry cabinet  keeps the laundry room door from opening all the way.  There is a separate cabinet for the microwave and the table is squished in the corner. 

Check out the "After!"  I moved the pantry cabinet over a few feet so that we could turn the table to better accommodate the six of us.  (Yes, that's Rory dozing under the table.)

Additionally, I was inspired by Jenn from IHeartOrganizing to put my microwave inside the pantry cupboard.  I built the shelf and it all fit perfectly.  (Victory yell!)

It's so light and roomy.  I've fallen in love with my kitchen all over again.  (I was pretty smitten before this, so that's saying something.) 

(Have no fear.  The shelf is sturdy and the pantry cabinet is secured to studs in the wall.  No one was hurt in the wielding of the power tools.  My husband even complimented me on my increasing power tool prowess.)  After the Blossoms helped me mound the contents of all the cupboards on all the other countertops in the kitchen, they promptly slept through the sawing, drilling and pounding.  Um, wow.

 Daddy pronounced his approval and now family mealtimes are more relaxed because we have more elbow room.  Since family mealtimes are such a big deal to us here, I call that a major improvement!