Friday, June 24, 2016

Last Minute Pretty Mama

It's the continuing saga of a battle against yoga pants and foamy flip-flops, except this post deals more with what I throw on when I'm headed out the door in a hurry.

After a Tuesday morning weeding frenzy, I rotated the Blossoms through the shower as I pondered what in the world to throw on so I didn't look like a dirt-covered, hair be-frizzled country mama when I trekked the girlies across town to the dentist. 

After all, if you want folks to respect you, you've got to respect yourself. 

Raspberry & Navy Stripes

Take a look at the above outfit again.  It's really just a raspberry tee and a navy blue maxi skirt - basics, dressed up with jewelry. 

And, how 'bout this next new combo for me? I was a little tentative about putting teal and red together, but they are some of my most favorite colors.  Besides, summer is the time for bold colors! My sister and sister in law gave me a thumbs-up and they know what they're talking about, so I went for it.  At the last minute before the Rugged Mountain Man and I headed out the door, I switched out the black sandals for my red sandals. Boom, baby!!! The basics rocked it for me again!

Just a side note, my nails are not always painted and do not always have Jamberry wraps on them.  That part of my outfits is hypothetical and for inspiration purposes only.  A girl can have a little fun, right?!
Tryin' out Teal & Red

My mom graciously watched the Blossoms so the Rugged Mountain Man and I could have a quiet evening before heading to the hospital to visit my husband's grandmother the next day. In an effort to wind down a bit and do something light-hearted (for obvious reasons), I wanted to illustrate how a few good pieces are so useful and versatile for being well put together on any occasion... even at the last minute. 'Cuz no mama ever needs to throw an outfit together at the last minute, right?  #momsnark
It's one dress, three ways.
One Navy Floral Maxi Dress - Three Ways

Picnic?  Wedding?  Church?  Date night?  With the basics, you're ready!!!

There you have it, some good outfit fun to kick off the weekend. So, shop your closet, kiss your husband and snuggle your Blessings.

Until Monday,