Monday, June 20, 2016

Bittersweet Times

Lately I've been so thankful that I live here in a delectably lush mountainous region of the East coast.  I wonder if the Blossoms realize that not everyone gets to have verdurous green mountains and chattering brooks as a backdrop for playtime rambles.  The girls and I recently ventured to the mountains to the cabin with my sister and nephew.  It was a smashing success, much to our delight!  It's refreshing to leave the housework behind and instead revel in the creation's splendorous praise of the Creator.  I've snatched a few moments here and there to read Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp.  Thus far, I highly recommend it as a solidly Biblical approach to parenting.  Never before has a parenting book resonated with my spirit as this one has.  Yesterday, the Rugged Mountain Man and I trekked a ways to visit his ailing grandmother.  Shepherding a Child's Heart provided stimulating and thought-provoking car conversation.  We both want to keep our eyes on the big picture ~ raising children who love God and live for God.  Despite the saddening circumstances of a Godly grandmother who seems to be leaving us behind to cross into the Celestial City, the Rugged Mountain Man and I did find it refreshing to have a little time for just the two of us.  The last few days have been bittersweet with the glad and the sad times.